Personalized Home Styling


Styling Services

The Workroom offers a unique styling service.  We will come to your home and create an atmosphere that is inviting and inspiring to everyone who walks in.  We will help you to fully express yourself in your home, transform a room or create a special space for the season or gathering.  We offer room furnishing & décor, finishing touches, seasonal decoration and entertaining design.

We can’t wait to bring beauty to your space.


Finishing Touches

Looking to add some unique elements and personalized touches to your space? Or re-work your existing items and breathe new life into your space? We will honor your style and home aesthetic and provide those final elements that will pull it all together.



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Seasonal Decorations

Changing your home style to reflect the seasons is a perfect way to breathe new life in to your home. We will decorate with beautiful elements that help you to flow with the natural changes of the seasons.


Entertaining & Event Design

Hosting an event or entertaining in your home? Our team will design your space to evoke the spirit of the event and create a festive, engaging environment for your guests.



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